BOINC makes it possible “to gracefully give” the computing power of your computer to the profit of scientific projects, the results so obtained are/will be communicated and shared. BOINC is the acronym of “Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.” This free software is a platform of distributed calculation created by the university of Berkeley, in California.

This program makes it possible to manage one or more projects of distributed calculation.

For more information on BOINC I invite you to visit the official site  while clicking on logo BOINC above.

There is to date (May 2007) more than one forty projects of distributed calculation which can function with BOINC. Each project is specific to a scientific field, such as for example astronomy, medicine, mathematics… More than one million people in the world takes part in the adventure.

Part of the users of BOINC gather in team to share their affinities (it can be question of a nationality, a language, an area, a passion, a company, a school, a family….)

Team FREE TIBET/TIBET LIBRE takes part in several projects of shared calculation (cf section “Projects”). The objective of this team is quite simply to make known the current situation of the TIBET, and to avoid leaving in the lapse of memory these people, this culture. All the people sensitive to this cause are the welcomes.


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